A Second Chance at Life

Addiction recovery means so many things.

Treatment. 12 steps. Living life one day at a time.

For me it has meant salvation. I have a brand new lease on life. Everything is being restored in me from my relationship with my Higher Power, to finding my heart again, to learning the tools to help me deal with life.

My addiction found it’s way into every crevice of my life, poisoning all good things. My recovery is the anti-venom. It is not just about treating my addiction. It’s much bigger than that. It’s learning how to serve others. It’s leading with my weakness. It’s surrendering control of my life and handing it over to someone who is better equipped to control it.

I am so grateful that my second chance came when it did. I have a lot of life left (God willing) and now I have a lot of healthy and selfless love to give those around me.

A testament to the miracle of recovery is the fact that amidst such unspeakable pain and loss that God can show me a brighter path. He can change my heart daily and I can become well.

“Father I believe, help my unbelief.”



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