The Bend of the River

The flow is steady and strong.

There is no fighting it; there is no slowing it down.

The River will take me whether I want to go or not.

Sometimes the current sweeps me up and carries me quickly,

Other times it slows to a near halt and I creep by lazily.

Sometimes the view is breathtaking and I stop to admire it’s beauty.

Other times I despise my environment and can’t wait for the change of scenery.

One thing is clear:

Riding the River is an uncertain, unpredictable journey.

And that is why it is so special.

Around each bend is a chance to experience something new.

Around each corner is the unknown – the future, the possibilities.

The River Bend allows me to keep dreaming.

It allows me to trust.

It allows me to live.

The River Bend generates fear but hope all the same.

A great hope that God will continue to lead me where I need to go…



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