Do I really trust God? Reflecting on the past and contemplating the future

I’m back in Doha spending quality time with my daughters. It’s my second trip here and I don’t know if it’s the familiarity of the environment or my recent decision to join an international employment agency but my mind has been pondering my life as an expat ever since I arrived a few days ago.

The girls ask me often if I remember certain events or moments we shared in Korea. I do the same to them. Sometimes they remember and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they remember after some context “jogging.” Sometimes I feel sadness when these conversations arise. I’m sad when they do remember because they remember a time when we were a different family.

Not a broken one.

I’m sad when they don’t remember too.

But right now I am glad. I am glad that God’s peace allows me to dream of a future full of happy memories. No matter where I will be living next year, no matter the status of the ex and me – God will give me what I need.

I trust Him.

To help me reflect on the past in a healthy way and to provide for me going forward.

I really trust Him.

It’s amazing to say that and actually mean it.


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