The Boy who Broke Out of Prison

There once lived a little boy, curious and sweet.

His heart was full of life 

He spread joy to all he would meet.

Over time the boy experienced pain

Inflicted by one he did trust.

This pain turned quickly to fear,

Driving him inward to a cage of rust.

Forced to hide away in a cell,

He was filled with rage.

His innocence lost, his childhood cut short,

He no longer acted his age.

Sentenced to isolation,

Friends were rare.

Joy was no longer around,

Only sorrow and despair.

This went on for years,

Until the boy grew to be a man.

The pain inside turned outward,

He harmed so many in a short span.

The abuse led to calamity,

Something had to give.

So with the help of God and others,

The boy broke out in order to live!



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