Last night there was a dream,

Seeming as real as can be.

It lasted but a brief moment,

Almost as if it fell on me.

This dream was somewhat of a vision,

A glimpse of a future life.

Life with no fears, no agony or pain.

Could such a life be in sight?

The opening scene caught me by surprise,

It combined present and past.

My father was driving my car Pearl,

In the back seat I lay back for a rest.

His curious hands fiddled with knobs and buttons,

I watched in silent peace.

I finally inquired his intentions,

But ever determined he would not answer me.

Suddenly the wind hit my face,

Dad exclaimed “Three, Two, One!”

Startled, I watched the roof retract,

He had found the magic button.

The roof peeled back to reveal,

A sky shimmering so bright.

We cruised onward toward the sun,

Ethereal music guided us to the light.

Soon after I noticed large floating balloons

Some were high in the sky.

But some had ropes hanging down,

So I grabbed one as we drove by!

A gust of wind pushed the balloon

Just as I grabbed tightly.

I hung on and the balloon traveled higher

The car far behind, the blue sky ahead – where would it take me?

The music softens and the wind dies down,

The balloon approaches the ground.

The grass was made of velvet,

And as I landed I realized I wasn’t alone.

I hear the sounds of angels and familiar little voices,

I turn over on my back and oh what I sight:

Two small girls land gently on my chest,

They are squealing with delight!

I grabbed them with my whole heart,

Vowing to never let go.

Just then I awoke,

Full of fresh tears – my pillow case is soaked.




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