Gems on Loan

They are mine – I helped make them.

But they are not all mine.

I am in charge of them – I instruct them daily.

But I am not in control.

I am responsible for them – their wellbeing and security.

But that role is too large to handle on my own.

Their peaceful sleep each night reminds of the time that is coming.

The time we must part.

My heart is counting down even though my head refuses.

I am happy and sad all at the same time.

Happy that they will be re-united with their mother very soon.

Sad that I cannot go with them to their next adventure.

There are nights I cry out to God:

“I can’t do this another year!”

Then I feel his peace come over me. I know that He is the perfect Father.

They are His. He knows how to take care of them and He knows how to take care of me.

Grateful to be chosen as their earthly father but accepting that the one who gave them to me on that day can and will take them back.

Nothing is guaranteed. I am not entitled to anything or anyone.

My time with my angels will always seem too short.

That is why I must make the most of every minute given.

For my children are like precious gems – gems on loan.

The only thing that I own are the memories I make.





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