My Boat People

The storm is coming – its nearly here.

I clinch the edge of my fragile boat – filled with fear.

Alone I cannot face it.

Alone I will drown.

Trying to control or manage this

Will only take me down –

Further toward the darkness to my death.

So with every waking breath

I cry out to God to get me through.

Lessoning my grip helps lead me to

Others who have gone before me

They are still afloat and stretch as far as I can see.

These are my people – my boat people.

Speaking the same language we share a common bond

One that can never be broken.

Building a strong community means stepping out of my boat

And into the boats of others to share the journey.

The boats we travel have names:

Community stays afloat because of love and acceptance.

Action hits the storm head on with accountability and support.

Serenity sails on no matter what.

My recovery brothers are in these boats.

Together we stay above the deadly waves,

God put us in the boat and a family we remain.

These are my people –

They are my boat people.









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