As I Understand Him

His power was rarely used to defend me

The love I heard about depended on my actions

The way of life of His followers was hypocrisy

This is how I understood Him.

“Why don’t you help me get better?”

This question consumed my thoughts – It drove me to insane actions, to isolation.

“He could never love someone like me.”

The shame was the burden I chose to carry – It led to a life without freedom.

“I am not who I say I am”

Self-hatred, remorse only led to more of the same – The vicious cycle called Addiction continued..

Because I misunderstood.

I did not understand God:

God is strong enough to help me.

True sobriety is proof of this fact

God loves me in spite of my sins

Great as they are – He is greater

God shows me how to live – humbly, honorably and truthfully

God has not changed.

It is my knowledge of Him and spiritual experience that has.

And everyday I understand Him a little better…




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