Sweet Loneliness 

Loneliness is a morning mountain climb: The sound of shuffling dirt, small clouds of breath – just mine.

Loneliness is a delicious breakfast: Voices in scattered booths, but all that is at my table is a mess.

Loneliness is recalling a memory: Flipping to the end of a photo album, realizing the only one reflecting is me.

Loneliness is a large crowd: A sea of people yet no familiar face around.

Loneliness is a church pew: Families worshipping together and my family not in view.

Loneliness is a stroll in a park, an evening river walk: Couples sharing beauty together and on my bench just me and my thoughts.

Loneliness is an inside joke, a familiar song: The nostalgic smile and hum followed by a reminder of my wrong.

Loneliness is a transPacific flight, a long car ride: A time to gather my thoughts and see what’s inside.

I used to fear loneliness, it was a weakness: Now I embrace the opportunity to seek refuge; in Him there is rest.

I used to hate loneliness, it meant rejection: Now I seek help from those who love me, canceling isolation.

I used to resent loneliness, blaming others for the void: Now I am grateful I can find community in the midst of a storm.

I used to worry about loneliness.

Now it propels anticipation of moments with my angels and their sweetness.



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