It’s Up to Me

There is no even playing field – and its not fair.

The odds are stacked against me – and I want to give up.

Resources are scarce – and I’m desperate.

Then I pause and realize the truth: It’s up to me.

It’s up to me to level the playing field.

It’s up to me to defy the odds.

It’s up to me to seek and find resources.

No other person will take charge of my recovery.

It’s no one’s responsibility but mine.

I must transform to the man I am destined to be.

Transform resentment into gratefulness.

Transform fear into fearlessness.

Transform apathy into action.

I was a scared boy who only dealt with hurt by running from it.

I ran and I ran – Circling around the solution but never arriving.

I must transform myself from a boy who runs to escape pain into a fearless warrior.

A warrior is not afraid.

A warrior faces pain willingly.

A warrior is brave in the face of adversity.

I was a bitter, wounded runt who gave up on finding nourishment.

Growth was not an option so isolation took over.

I must transform to a bold explorer of emotional and spiritual lands.

I will travel to the ends of the earth in search of community, support and God.

There is no time for delay – procrastination is not an option.

The blame game is over because I now realize –

It’s up to ME!




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