My Peaceful Friend

There is a friend that comes calling when the morning air is crisp;

This is no ordinary friend but a companion nonetheless.

He is always there when I need him, faithful, steady, true;

If you saw him you would see his value to people like me and you.

Cumberland is what they call him, he is powerful and strong;

I seek him out when I need time to reflect, when days seem so very long.

Today we ran together and shared time in the sun;

It had been many weeks since the last we had run.

He doesn’t speak much, in fact I do all the talking;

His flowing current soothes, his mere presence is calming.

Today he was beaming with pride and was faster than before;

I couldn’t help but smile back and wave from the shore.

Thank you for reminding that God’s mercies never cease;

Cumberland, my friend, you give me a profound peace.





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