Cliff jumping – High Risk, High Reward

Yesterday I shared with our team a video clip of Steve Harvey. It wasn’t one from family feud or the clip of him naming the wrong girl as the winner of Miss Universe. It was a much lesser known clip but the most powerful. In less than 3 minutes, Steve Harvey sums up what he thinks everyone has to do to be successful in life.

“You have to jump.”

Too many times people are afraid to jump. They are too busy looking down, worrying about the future; gripped with the fear of the unknown. Life passes them by and they wished they had followed their dream or taken that risk. Many of our players are still standing on the edge but they haven’t yet jumped. They are afraid to take risks on the court because they fear the consequences of failing. They fear what their friends and family in the stands will think. They fear being taken out of the game or being scolded by the coach. They want to be in control instead of letting go and committing to the team. The season is passing them by.

In my life there has been many regrets. None are bigger then being overcome with pride and fear and making a decision not to jump. If I had jumped I could have sought recovery much earlier. If I had jumped I could have prevented so much pain. If only I had jumped.

Well, I can honestly say I’ve done it. Its taken a long time and it took many people pushing me to the edge but I decided to jump. I’m taking a leap of faith toward recovery. My parachute hasn’t opened yet and Ive scraped a few rocks on my way down but everyday I live with the hope that at some point I will be soaring.



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