My Angels and my Demons

This poem was written a few hours before picking my daughters up from school on my surprise visit over Fall Break.

Before the plane touched down the little old Vietnamese lady placed her hand on my shoulder and says,

“You no worry.”

I must have looked terrified. The fear of landings must not compare to the fear of facing my demons.

Demons that I helped form.

My demons that are here waiting for me.

There are others waiting for me though.

Loyal friends: My Angels.

Conversations as though I never left. Food and laughter. A bed in which to sleep.

Coming back to Korea has been surreal but normal. Comforting yet terrifying.

One massive paradox.

Demons are all around and I can sense them.

They are the feeling of not belonging, not being accepted anymore. My own self doubt.

The demons are temptation. The demons are strong but He is stronger in me.

Angels are all around too.

Welcoming friends, adoring students, former players. These angels are a real source of warmth and peace.

My angels urge me to not pay attention to the demons. They are not what’s important.

They remind me why I’m here.

I’m here to see the most precious angels of all.

And I will see them very soon.



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