I left my heart in Colorado – a bitter-sweet vacation.

I remember the first time I gazed on the Rocky Mountains. It was about 12 1/2 years ago. Since that day, I have made more trips to The Centennial State than any other state besides my home state. Since living overseas I have spent more vacation time in Colorado than any other place on earth. I have come to embrace it as a second home. I have come to love everything about it. I love it’s beauty, it’s wildlife, it’s climate, it’s people, and it’s culture. I’ve visited as a single college student, as a married man and as a father. I was married in Breckenridge and own property in Keystone. I have attended a Rockies game, a Broncos game, and ridden on several gorgeous rode trips. I have hiked, biked, rafted and skied. I have attended concerts, including one at Red Rocks Ampitheatre. I have driven to the top of Pike’s Peak. Christmas, New Year’s and 4th of July are holidays I have celebrated in Colorado. I have attended weddings, birthday parties and everything in between.

I have so many great memories and yet the pain associated with this place is downright palpable. Colorado is the home of the woman I have forever hurt. It’s the home of her family as well. She is divorcing me, they have essentially disowned me and this place is no longer my home. The property is currently for sale and coming back to Colorado in the future will mean for the first time since I first visited, I will have no place to stay. I am writing this blog at my place in Keystone on a typical, beautiful mountain afternoon. I have come out here to reunite with my two children that I have not been with for over a month. I have been here three days. It’s been the best three days of my life. I have one more week and then I may never travel to these great mountains again. My future in Colorado is completely unknown, but judging by the welcome given to me by my girls, my future with them is brighter than a Rocky Mountain sunrise.



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