The Blessed Thorn


Jacob was a liar and so am I.

David was an adulterer and so am I.

Paul had a thorn and so do I.

The darkness in them is the darkness in me.

The shame in them is the shame in me.

The Truth has come to set us free.

God’s grace was there as it is here.

It seems impossible when we live in fear.

The cross brings redemption, that much is clear.

Jacob wrestled, Job questioned and Moses argued.

David was content to sweep everything under the rug.

These men struggled with sin, were conquered by sin.

These men were not great but weak and frail. They were cowards.

God uses weakness. He uses pain and suffering.

God gives and He takes away.

God brings good despite our dark desires.

God redeems because He loves His children.

Love can be a limp, a thorn and a blemish.

He cuts deep and reveals the ugly.

He brings sin out in the open and causes humility.

He does all these things because:

He has not given up on us.



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